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I am proud to join my father and his over 40 years experience in the insurance industry at Shaw, Moses, Mendenhall and Associates. My job as a producer is to help you manage risk and to protect you, your family, assets, business, and legacy from losses that could impair your financial well being, while doing my best to simplify the process.

I am blessed to have a talented team working with me and an extremely comprehensive insurance platform to access on behalf of my clients. Establishing and building long term relationships with my clients is a paramount tenet of my business, and because I like my clients to get to know me as I earn the privilege of getting to know them, I have included a bio on my site to share a little about my background for those visiting my website for the first time.

My team and I are here to help you with all insurance matters, whether personal auto or homeowners, commercial liability, or life insurance. I look forward to helping and meeting you. If it is insurance related, please call or email me, and my team and I will take good care of you.

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Mike MacGillivray
Account Eexecutive

About Mike

Joining his father, Duncan, in the insurance industry at Shaw, Moses, Mendenhall & Associates, Mike specializes in the following insurance disciplines: HOA / Condominium, Apartments, Executive Liability, (D&O, EPLI, Fiduciary Liability), Key Man, Buy / Sell, Aerospace / Aviation, and Commercial Property / Liability Insurance. Mike is a member of the Community Associations Institute, IBA-BGP (Board Member), sits on the University of Southern California’s Risk Management/Insurance Advisory Council, and is a member of the IIABCAL lead-up committee.

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How Insurance Works: The Podcast

If something is stolen out of your car, do you have insurance for that? Is the landscaping at your home covered by insurance? If your business is forced to shut down, do you have coverage to continue paying your business expenses? What kind of insurance do you need if you travel out of the country? If you’ve had questions about your insurance and how it protects you, I hope we can help you. Welcome to the How Insurance Works Podcast! This is a podcast created for you, the business owner, the homeowner, the consumer, professional, to help you better understand insurance coverage and empower you to make better-informed decisions.

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Working with Mike

First Meeting

The first meeting is a “let’s-get-to-know-each-other” meeting. I really want to listen, take notes, and understand your situation.

What’s most important is that you’re in an environment that makes you comfortable.

I’m happy to sit down and talk with you in person or voice to voice. For example, would you like me to come out and see you? Would you like to come to our office? Would you like to talk over the phone? We can get together wherever is easiest and most comfortable for you.

We have some clients who just want to talk over the phone. If that’s your situation, I don’t want to be intrusive on your time. We can set a phone appointment, so I can call you at that time.

Some clients want me to come out and see them, while others want to see our office environment, so they come to our office.

What to Expect at the First Meeting

It’s a get-to-know-each-other meeting. After we chat for 2 or 3 minutes and get comfortable and settled, we explore how I can help you.

Because you generally have an idea of what you already want to talk about, I’ll let you start. Likely, that’s why you’re talking with me.

In order to understand what your coverage needs are, I do ask probing questions. As a result, I want to know more about your business. Are you leasing a building? Do you own the building? How many employees do you have, and are they W2 or 1099 employees?

At this stage, I’m not offering any recommendations or advice. My job is just to sit, listen, take notes, and really understand your situation.

Next Steps

Next, I map out a plan for the next meeting, because it’s never a one-meeting process usually.

To clarify, whatever your case is, whatever you need, we will do for you on your behalf over the next few weeks. During that phase, we are going to go out to several different companies. Ultimately, we’re going to give you some recommendations on coverage, some considerations.

Finally, we schedule another meeting to go over those with you, present you the offers, and give our coverage recommendations.


In summary, the first meeting is to get to know each other. My job is to be quiet, listen, take notes, really understand your situation and how we can help you. I give you an introduction and background to our firm and what our process is for the subsequent few weeks and what we are going to do. Finally, during the second meeting, we walk you through everything, and if we do have recommendations on coverage, we explain what those are.

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Mike MacGillivray
Account Executive